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Vehicle lockout SERVICE IN Plantation, FL

It's a familiar tale. Locking your keys in your car can be one of the most frustrating experiences there is. Not only do you now have to deal with paying a fee for a lockout service (assuming they are able to open your vehicle and successfully retrieve your keys by the end of their visit), but also suck up the time that's wasted while you wait.

Fortunately, Plantation Tow Truck is one of the quickest and most responsive lockout services  in the Plantation/Ft Lauderdale area, and we can get you back into your car and back up and running in no time!

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For future reference: it doesn't take much to prevent this from happening again. Here we'll give you some tips and tricks so you won't ever end up in this situation.

First, always keep your keys on you when entering the car (even if it's for a quick stop). In doing so, this will avoid the possibility of forgetting them once you get out In fact, experts recommend carrying them with you whenever you intend to use your vehicle. Second, keep a spare key somewhere in your vehicle (like hidden under the floor mat).

Man left his car keys inside he car

We'll get you back in your car.

Third, if you don't have keys and need to call a lockout service then it's best to be prepared with as much information as possible. Here are some tips:

  • Always know where they keys are. If you're carrying keys and lock them in the car, then you're going to need a lockout service who's willing and able to get into your vehicle without breaking anything.

  • Know where your spare keys are kept. In case of an emergency, you'll be able to tell the lockout service exactly where the keys are.

  • Know your keys' serial number. This allows the lockout service to cut a new key for your vehicle or possibly even unlock it with an alternative method. This is especially useful if you have high security keys with advanced locking mechanisms that cannot be easily unlocked by traditional methods.

  • Fourth, make sure to keep spare keys with someone you trust, such as a friend or family member who will be able to help get you back in should you accidentally leave your cars in the car and lock it.

  •  Fifth, take proactive measures against theft. There are several things that can be done, such as installing an after-market car alarm in your vehicle or a GPS tracking device. This is one of the best ways to locate keys if they are stolen from the car.

  • Sixth, always remember where you parked! If your keys are locked in your car away from home or your place of work, and you have trouble remembering where you parked, then your problem just got a lot worse! The good news is there are plenty of apps that can help you remember where keys were last placed. If keys aren't found, then this could prove valuable to the situation and speed up the process. There's a wide range of websites and mobile applications available these days that allow keys to be remotely located (either through keys being GPS tracked or keys having a Bluetooth tracking device).

  • Seventh, learn how to unlock your car without keys. If you lock your keys in the car and have no access to spare keys, then you'll need to find an alternative way to get into it. It's best that you know how before this becomes an issue.

Fortunately, Plantation Tow Truck's lockout service comes equipped with the tools needed to open any vehicle without keys, which is good news for our customers - wherever they are, in whatever vehicle, at any time of day. Call us now at 754-247-1009!