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Your "Tow Truck SERVICe NEAR ME"

Most of us at some point in our lives have driven some vehicle that is more than 5 years old, and so you're probably aware that older vehicles are not always totally reliable. If you've ever been in a hurry, late for work or had something urgent to take care of, you'll know that your reliance on your car to get you where you need to go increases significantly. However, thanks to Murphy's Law, the reliability of that same vehicle has the opposite effect, seemingly evaporating right off the bat.

There are a plethora of reasons why a vehicle could suddenly leave you stuck by the side of the road, especially when you least need it to. The part that's hard to take is that many of those reasons can be traced back to our failure to perform routine repairs and maintenance, but we know what you're going through.

Everything moves at 100 mph in today's world, and we have to get to work, pick up the kids, run errands, do groceries, see the doctor, visit family and friends, attend social events, large gatherings, conferences, trade shows, and all kinds of other stuff.

silver car being towed by a tow truck

Aging Vehicles Are Prone To Breakdown

And while we place such a high level of stress and expectation on our vehicles, we consistently fail to take proper care of them. How many times have you forgotten to change the oil when you're supposed to?

How many times have you checked out your tire treads and thought to yourself, "Eh, I think I can get another 5,000 miles out of these babies"?

And when your car  to the mechanic to get the starter, battery and alternator looked at? No. Because you can squeeze another few hundred starts out of her before you have to spend the money to have it repaired.

The unfortunate reality is that any driver who owns a car, truck, or other vehicle that is five or more years old will be all too familiar with the scenarios described above. And, as we all know, our carelessness comes back to pinch us right when we least expect it to do so.

But don't worry - at Plantation Tow Truck we've got your back!

Customers choose us because we are punctual and courteous. Because we are good communicators. It's because we have the equipment to get you out of that bind and can get to you as soon as you require it. Our towing services are available to transport your vehicle anywhere it is needed, whether it is to a mechanic shop, your home, or a wrecker's yard: you name it.

Plantation Tow Truck is equipped to tow and haul any type of vehicle, including:

  • Passenger vehicles

  • Pickup trucks 

  • Passenger and cargo vans 

  • Vans, trucks, and semi-trailers for commercial use

  • RVs, golf carts, boat trailers

  • Wrecker/salvage vehicles

  • We also offer a winch service

Yes, we even provide a winch service! If you're out off-roading in your Toyota Land Cruiser and you happen to get stuck in the mud, give us a call and we will dispatch a winch truck to get you out of your jam in no time. And if that same Land Cruiser won't start? We can jump it, change a flat tire fill up with fuel you name it! Call Plantation Tow Truck today and we'll get you out of that pickle.